Install Your TV Above the Fireplace: Expert Mounting Solutions for Enhanced Viewing Experience

Placing your TV above the fireplace not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances the functionality of your living area. Whether it's a gas, wood, or brick fireplace, our expert mounting techniques ensure a perfect fit for your preferences. Imagine cozying up by the fire, with your favorite film playing on the big screen positioned ideally above. At Artesoft TV Mounting, we specialize in mounting TVs above fireplaces of all types, including stone and brick, guiding you towards the optimal solution that aligns with your budget and requirements.
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Elevate Your Space: Expert Fireplace TV Mounting for the Ultimate Home Ambiance

Discover the perfect blend of form and function with our services. Whether it’s mounting a TV over a gas fireplace, a wood fireplace, or even above fireplace no studs situations, our seasoned professionals elevate your space and viewing experience.

  • 🛠️ Precise Installation: We ensure perfect placement for TVs above any fireplace, integrating seamlessly into your decor.
  • 🔥 Heat Management: Specializing in how to mount a TV over a fireplace without compromising on safety or aesthetics.
  • 🧹 Cable Concealment: Our solutions for hiding cables after your TV over the fireplace installation maintain the elegance of your space.
  • 🎨 Design Harmony: Whether it’s mounting TV on stone fireplace or brick, we complement your room’s aesthetic flawlessly.
  • 🤝 Expert Advice & Installation: From how to mount a TV above a gas or wood fireplace to meticulous installation, we prioritize your satisfaction.

The MantelMount MM540 is our go-to for ensuring your television’s safety and optimal positioning.

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The mount used in this picture is MantelMount MM540

Technical Excellence in Fireplace TV Mounting

Experience unmatched expertise in mounting TVs above fireplaces, addressing every detail to ensure your television looks exceptional and functions flawlessly, regardless of the fireplace type.

1. Mount Selection.

Crucial for a secure installation, we recommend mounts tailored to your fireplace’s material, ensuring compatibility and safety for TV mounting above fireplace brick, stone, drywall, or marble walls.

2. Heat Management:

Our heat management strategies protect your TV when mounting it above a fireplace, even with the added complexity of stone surfaces. We guide you on how to mount a TV over a fireplace safely, ensuring longevity for your TV over the fireplace. Trust us for a secure mount TV above fireplace service.

3. Cable Management:

We specialize in discreet cable management for mounting TVs above fireplaces, essential for a sleek look when you mount a TV over a fireplace. Our service includes expert guidance on how to mount a TV above a fireplace, even when mounting TV on stone fireplaces, ensuring no visible wires. For an additional fee, we also offer wall repair services post-installation to maintain the pristine condition of your space.

4. Viewing Angle and Ergonomics:

Ensuring the ideal viewing angle is crucial when mounting a TV above a fireplace. Our team guarantees your TV above the fireplace is optimally placed to prevent neck strain and reduce glare. When mounting TV over a fireplace, particularly on a stone surface, our precise approach on how to mount a TV over a fireplace comes into play. If you’re aiming to mount TV above fireplace or seeking advice on mounting a TV above a fireplace, we offer expert guidance. Our installation ensures a perfect view when you learn how to mount TV over fireplace, with the best tilt and height for comfortable, ergonomic viewing.

5. Structural Integrity:

Evaluating structural integrity is key, especially for challenges like mounting a TV above a fireplace with no studs or above a gas fireplace. Our expertise ensures a secure and aesthetically pleasing setup, offering solutions where traditional studs aren’t available and addressing the unique considerations of mounting TV above gas fireplaces. We also provide wall repair services for an additional fee, ensuring a seamless look post-installation.

6. Custom Solutions:

For unique fireplaces or specific client requests, we design custom mounting solutions, ensuring compatibility without compromising on design.

7. Sound Integration:

Our service includes options for soundbar installations and audio equipment setup, integrating sound and video seamlessly.


drywall / woodwall


brick / concrete wall

stone wall

stone / sheet rock wall

marble wall

marble wall

Trust in our technical know-how to deliver a sophisticated, safe, and smart TV installation above your fireplace that complements your space and lifestyle.

Unlock a Sleek Look with Our Cord Concealment Solution


External Wire Management

Our team of skilled TV mounting professionals will efficiently hide your cables and wires, utilizing power extension and 12-inch HDMI cables among others to ensure a connection to Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, or any device your TV setup requires. The routing of the power extension cord, HDMI, and all necessary wires will be discreetly managed from the TV to the closest wall outlet, neatly arranged to either side of your fireplace for a clean appearance.

Internal Wire Concealment

Installing a TV above a fireplace with internal wiring requires meticulous planning, particularly with Drywall. We’ll strategically route your low-voltage wires inside the wall, setting up new power outlets right behind the TV for a polished look. Our experienced technicians are adept at these intricate tasks, ensuring a flawless finish.

For wire concealment above a fireplace, the process involves carefully opening the wall from the nearest outlet to the TV, threading the wiring through wood studs to maintain a tidy setup.

Examples of how we mount a tv over the fireplace with cords hidden

Pull-down TV mount Installation

pull down mount
pull down

For our specialized service, we provide professional installation of electric pull-down TV mounts, including the MM700 Premier pull-down TV mount, ensuring the best viewing experience. When booking, please mention you’re interested in a pull-down TV mount over the fireplace or a drop-down wall mount for your TV. This information allows us to prepare the ideal setup for your installation, catering specifically to your needs for the optimal configuration and viewing pleasure.

We suggest the following options for pull-down mounts:

MantelMount – The Brand We Trust:
Known for exceptional quality and versatility.


MM340 Model:
  • Offers a basic pull-down feature.
  • Ideal for straightforward installations.

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MM540 Model:
  • Allows for convenient soundbar mounting beneath your TV.
  • Perfect for integrated audio-visual setups.

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MM815 Model:
  • Provides motorized movement for your TV.
  • Adjust position up, down, left, or right with a remote.
  • Ultimate convenience and luxury.

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Explore our solutions for mounting your television over a fireplace. From installing an outlet for a sleek look to using a pull-down mount for adjustable viewing, we cater to all needs, including those looking to mount above a gas, wood, or stone fireplace.


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