Buying TV Guide

First of all, this buying tv guide will be the main guide for you when mounting your tv on the wall. You haven’t bought your TV yet and need expert advice on what size of TV you should get. Well, with this buying tv guide you will learn how to properly mount your tv on the wall. Before we dive in with the subject, we should first start by knowing what is the proper way to measure your TV Size and space so they could fit perfectly, using the most space in the designated area.

Buying TV Guide: Measuring your TV the right way.

How high to mount TV, is a question we always get asked and we are here to solve it: As we get better with technology, TVs get bigger and better. If you recently purchased a new TV, (maybe you got a 2020 black Friday deal, or a 2020 cyber Monday deal), then you might be wondering what’s the best way to measure your TV display. By measuring your TV display versus your space size is incredibly easy, you just need measuring tape, a pencil and some common sense. tv buying guide 1. First of all, start by stretching the measuring tape from the top left of your display diagonally to the bottom right of your display. As a result, remember to only measure the screen itself, not the frame that goes around the outer edges of the screen.

Tip: Some common sizes of TVs that manufacturers have are 24 inch, 32 inch, 42 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, or even bigger.

2. Also find the width of the TV by stretching your measuring tape from the left bottom to the right bottom side of the TV. As a consequence the width of your TV is less than the size TV manufacturers claim they have. For example, a 60 inch TV, actually has 52.3 inches of width.

Buying TV Guide: Whit this Tip, finding the width of the TV it’s crucial for you to know if you opt-out to mount it on the wall, Or feed it into a TV stand, or a floating shelf.

3. Furthermore the height of the TV, is usually about 56% of the total width of the TV, it is not a very important measurement. However, it might play a good role when deciding where to mount it. 4. Also, the next step will be to make sure that your TV fits the display space. First of all measure your intended display space, finding the height and width of the area where you want your TV to go. Also, you have to also take notes about the depth of cabinets, shelves, source devices, stands or entertainment centers. This to determine if they’re well-sized to mount your TV. If you want maximum accuracy remember to always round off your measurements to the nearest half an inch. Take all these notes in a piece of paper and take it with you to the store when you are shopping for your new and amazing TV.

Buying TV Guide: Rule of thumb to pick out a TV big enough to watch TV clearly from where you are sitting

A 55 inch TV screen may sound impressive, but it might be underwhelming if you are sitting at the other end of the room, peeking out the best proportion for the size of the TV versus the space between where you are sitting and the TV. It’s very simple and you could do it by multiplying the distance between your seating area and the TV in inches by 0.84. Four instance if you have 72 inches from the TV to your seating area you most likely want to get a 60 inch TV to get the best and clearest image.

Buying TV Guide: Best viewing angle and height to mount your TV

Do you want to know what’s the ideal viewing angle and height to get the most immersive television viewing experience? tv viewing angle In this buying TV guide, we are now going to cover the ideal height of the TV for you to watch comfortably. The most ergonomic view is to have your eyesight in the middle of the TV screen. You might want to do this for all the members on your family watching TV. This is because not everybody has the same level of viewing as you so you might consider getting the best angle. Several factors go into Eye level: Your height, the height of your seat cushion, the distance of the screen from your seat and the height of your TV screen. This mathematical formula will make you crazy, so conducting your research will do the trick grab a measuring tape and measure your eye height from the floor and then compare to the middle of the screen mounted on the wall. There you will find what’s the best height for you to mount the TV and if you’re mounting above a fireplace you could use a tilting bracket so you could tilt down your TV for your best TV viewing angle. A quick calculation For this should be to measure your TV 25 inches from the floor, this will give you a comfortable viewing range of around 40 inches to 50 inches high And the Center of the screen right at your 40 inch Eye level. See more here…        

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